About Us

French Fries have long been an American staple. It is often associated with good memories and great experiences. This is what a trio of passionate foodies had in mind when they started Fry Madness. The trio Tony, Shawn, and Nima stumbled upon a culinary gem when the talented Chef Shawn began experimenting with America’s favorite side dish. We also recommend it. The creative chef pushed the boundaries and began a culinary journey that resulted into Fry Madness, which has elevated french-fries into a whole new level producing flavors such as Gyros, Buffalo Chicken, Hawaiian BBQ, and Pastrami Fries in a modern setting.

Much to the surprise of the trio, the fries became a hit and has now turned into Los Angeles’ most sought-after Fry Bar ensuing a trend like no other. To this day, Fry Madness continues to stay on top of the game by experimenting with sauces, topping, and different types of potatoes. They have even ventured into having a dessert menu where sweet potato fries are taking the center stage.

Fry Madness has resulted in a unique experience where one can enjoy French Fries in many unique ways while enjoying wine, beer and DTLA’s eclectic vibe.